Metis Elections Officials Counting Ballots Today

Thursday, June 03, 2004 at 14:49



About two dozen candidates and observers are in Prince Albert for the official count of ballots cast in the recent Metis Nation of Saskatchewan election.


Most expect the process to last until tomorrow, or even Saturday, as each of the roughly 6-thousand ballots cast will be examined by hand.


None of the officials on the Metis Elections Commission overseeing the process were available for comment earlier today.


Some observers outside the hall where the process is underway say they expect many challenges to be launched.


Last week’s election was plagued with controversy, with several reports of ballot boxes going missing or not being properly sealed.


As well, several Metis citizens complained they were denied the right to vote on Election Day.


The unofficial winner of the vote for president was Robert Doucette.


At last word, his lead over second-place finisher Dwayne Roth was just over 100 votes with several ballot boxes unaccounted for.