Metis Election Committee Waiting For Direction

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 at 14:44



The head of a committee assigned to oversee a new Metis election in Saskatchewan admits she’s running out of time.


Marilyn Poitras says she had hoped to reach some type of consensus by now with the provincial Metis council over how a new vote would take place.


However, a recent news release by the PMC clearly lays out a different plan for a new vote than that of the independent oversight committee.


Poitras says she needs to talk with council president Guy Bouvier as soon as possible.


She adds her committee wants the blessing of the Metis council before proceeding with anything.


But, at the same time, she believes a general assembly could possibly be called by someone other than the PMC.


Poitras says her ears are open to suggestions by either the council or the provincial government on how an agreement can be reached.