Metis Community Entrance Signs Proposed

Wednesday, September 15, 2004 at 15:01



A Metis leader in Buffalo Narrows is hoping his community makes a bolder statement about its Metis roots.


Philip Chartier says the Metis local in the village has already passed a motion calling for a new sign to be placed on the community’s outskirts.


It would say –quote– “Welcome to the Metis community of Buffalo Narrows”.


Chartier points out that last year’s landmark Supreme Court ruling on Metis hunting rights put a great deal of emphasis on ancestral Metis communities, and feels northern communities should be declaring their ties to Metis history.


The village council in Buffalo Narrows is aware of Chartier’s proposal and will make a decision on it once it receives it in writing.


Chartier urges other Metis communities on the west side to make it clear they are Metis territory.