Metis Community Eager To Weigh In On Fish Study

Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 14:20



The Metis Nation – Saskatchewan is welcoming $134,000 in new funding from the provincial government.


The money is intended to give the MN-S enough resources to inform and gather feedback from grassroots citizens about the province’s new fisheries management plan that is being developed.


MN-S provincial secretary Max Morin says his group will talk with Metis fishers to see what changes they want brought into the new plan.


He says Metis harvesters have encountered a variety of problems with the old model.


Morin says they sometimes feel pushed by tourism development — and don’t want fish allocations to favour sport fishing at the expense of commercial fishing.


He says they also want a chance to participate in the sport fishery.


Morin says some Metis would even like to see a co-management agreement constructed with the provincial ministry.