Metis Applaud Budget Item

Thursday, March 25, 2004 at 15:40



The head of the Metis National Council is welcoming a commitment the federal government made to the Metis in this week’s budget.


The budget set aside 20.5 million dollars to be used over the next year to enable Ottawa, the provinces and Metis leaders to address harvesting issues.


Metis hunting rights have been in the spotlight since last year’s landmark Powley decision.


The funding announced on Tuesday is to be used to facilitate discussions regarding the implications of the ruling and how it might be implemented.


MNC president Clem Chartier says the money will help with community consultations.


He expects most in the Metis community will voice the need for a sustainable approach to Metis hunting rights.


Chartier hopes next year’s budget provides funding to explore other Metis issues, such as lands and resources, funding for post-secondary education and the need for more housing.