Merasty Weighs In On Prentice’s Snub Of FSIN

Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 13:44



The absence of Indian Affairs minister Jim Prentice at this week’s FSIN legislative assembly in Saskatoon did not go unnoticed by those in attendance.


Several leaders spoke out about Prentice’s decision not to show up.


Some said his presence could have enabled Saskatchewan’s First Nations leaders to gain clarity about where the new Conservative government is going with the Kelowna Accord.


Northern Saskatchewan Liberal MP Gary Merasty says he is disappointed Prentice did not show up for the gathering.


As well, Merasty says he is worried the compensation deal for residential school survivors could be in jeopardy.


Specifically, Merasty is concerned about news Prentice isn’t prepared to address the compensation package for survivors of residential schools on its own, but wants to deal with it and the Kelowna Accord at the same time.


Merasty believes the reported moving of the file from Indian Affairs to the Department of Heritage could be the first signs of Tory tinkering with the deal.


Merasty says if that continues, the residential school compensation agreement could eventually collapse.


He hopes to find out more when he arrives in Ottawa.