Merasty Surprised By Jackson’s Bill C-31 Comments

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 16:16



The Liberal candidate in northern Saskatchewan is taking issue with some comments made by his NDP rival yesterday.


Gary Merasty is referring to Anita Jackson’s statements about Bill C-31 and its negative impact on Aboriginal women and the Aboriginal population, in general.


Jackson said she would push for changes to the legislation in Ottawa, if elected.


But she also said First Nations leaders needed to do more to bring this issue forward.


Merasty, the former chief of the PAGC, admits he was surprised at Jackson’s comments. He says Aboriginal leaders have, in fact, been lobbying hard on this issue.


Jackson says she made those statements unaware that many First Nations people, including the leaders, have been pressing the issue with the federal government.


She adds First Nations leaders may have been working to have Bill C-31 amended or scrapped, but it has been without the input of First Nations women.