Merasty Responds To Harrison’s Barbs

Friday, January 13, 2006 at 16:30



Northern Saskatchewan’s Liberal candidate is responding to a challenge issued by Conservative MP Jeremy Harrison.


Earlier today, Harrison accused Gary Merasty of “running away from the tough issues”, adding Merasty “can’t continue to duck and hide”.


Harrison said Merasty has a responsibility to make clear where he stands on a number of Liberal policies on the gun registry, same-sex marriage and compensating Aboriginal war veterans.


Merasty says he looks forward to debating these issues in candidates’ debates next week.


He also says the differences between he and Harrison and their approaches is crystal clear.


In a news release issued this afternoon, Merasty also states: “I believe in working with all citizens in northern Saskatchewan on a common agenda — I do not believe in creating divisions, or pitting communities against communities.”


Harrison maintains people know where the Conservatives and the Liberals stand on these issues, but they don’t know how Merasty feels about them.