Merasty Attacks Clean Air Act

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 09:21



A Liberal MP says aspects of traditional life in northern Saskatchewan could be lost forever if the Tory government doesn’t make substantial changes to its proposed Clean Air Act.


Gary Merasty says the damage to the North will have been done if the government allows 40 years to pass before meeting environmental targets.


Merasty notes parts of northwest Saskatchewan are already feeling the effects of acid rain generated by Alberta’s oil sands projects.


He says the health of northern residents, animals, plants and lakes could be at risk if nothing is done.


As for climate change, Merasty says hunters, trappers and fishers could be hit by shifting migrations, lakes will take longer to freeze over and trappers will have shorter snowy periods.


He says changes that have already taken place have not escaped the notice of the North’s elders.


Merasty adds if climate change is allowed to accelerate, ice roads could be permanently lost — potentially devastating northern communities socially and economically.