Mayor Says Next Year Too Late For Road Repairs

Thursday, May 25, 2006 at 15:00



A northern leader says his community needs upgrades to the local highway now, not next year.


Cumberland House mayor Dale McAuley notes Highway 123 is scheduled to get major repair work next summer under the province’s northern road strategy.


But he says the road has become virtually impassable in three sections because of recent rain, and his office is being flooded with complaints from local residents.


The mayor says the situation is impacting medical trips.


McAuley also says local maintenance are doing what they can to grade the road, but they, too, are getting stuck.


McAuley hopes the province can at least do some interim repair work in the trouble spots this summer.


He says Premier Lorne Calvert says often said the NDP government don’t intend to “leave anyone behind”, but he says people in his community are feeling left behind now.