May Weighs In On Northern Saskatchewan Development

Monday, September 22, 2008 at 15:20



The leader of the federal Green Party says new technology needs to be developed before oilsands projects like the one in northwestern Saskatchewan are given the green light.


Elizabeth May says the large amount of pollution generated from oilsands projects has been devastating the wilderness in northern Alberta and lowering the quality of life for First Nations people in the area.


In an interview with MBC, May says northerners in this province should be asking hard questions to those groups who want to start similar projects in northwest Saskatchewan.


She insists that recovery methods need to change for both oil and uranium.


May also says her party would halt expansion of these industries until new technology allowed them to be carried out more safely.


May’s objection to the uranium industry stems from its link to nuclear weapons.


However, she does say that the final choice should be up to local residents.


May also says her party recognizes the need to eradicate poverty on reserves.


She says that’s why the Greens are proposing a guaranteed liveable income for every Canadian that won’t be taxed until its over $20,000.