Man Fined For Illegal Fishing Camp Near Key Lake

Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 15:36



A man who operates a fishing camp in northern Saskatchewan has been convicted of illegal outfitting.


Frank Cadrin was charged with operating an illegal angling outfit at Close Lake and fined $7,500.


It was found Cadrin was profiting from flying in fishers and offering his services as a fishing guide.


Saskatchewan Conversation Officer Gary Provencher says Cadrin has a recreational lease on property at Close Lake.


Cadrin was denied an outfitter licence in 1989 after extensive reviews showed Close Lake could not withstand another outfitting facility.


Provencher says Cadrin knowingly endangered the resources of Close Lake.


As luck would have it, he was charged after police interviewed some potential clients following the crash of a plane that was headed to the camp in 2002.


Provencher also says it appears Cadrin took in over $30,000 from his illegal outfitting activities.


Close Lake is approximately 80 kilometres northeast of Key Lake.