Lonechild Formally Announces Bid For FSIN Chief

Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 15:36



The campaign for Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations chief has begun a year before the election will actually take place.


Yesterday, outgoing Second Vice-Chief Guy Lonechild announced to the chiefs assembled on the opening day of the FSIN legislative assembly that he is indeed seeking the position of chief of the federation next year.


Lonechild says it’s time to stop playing the “blame game”, and instead, reach out and work together with other groups in the province so that First Nations succeed.


He says the federation needs new leadership that will be “able to present that skill”.


He also says the FSIN seems to want to get in the way of individual First Nations, when it should be in a facilitative role.


Lonechild believes the federation is ready for a young “Year 2000” chief.


The current chief, Lawrence Joseph, says the band chiefs decide what is on the assembly agenda, and that’s why Lonechild could make his first pitch for the job during the assembly.


Joseph says he welcomes anyone to apply for the job, and hopes Lonechild will run an honest and transparent campaign.


Joseph has not decided if he will run again next year, but says he has been approached by many people encouraging him to do so.