Locals Report Miraculous Healings In La Loche

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 at 15:34



Hundreds of northerners are flocking to La Loche to witness some reported miracles in the community.


A group of Christian faith healers has been holding tent meetings in La Loche for over two weeks now, and locals say they’ve witnessed numerous healings.


Resident Toni Lemaigre admits being skeptical about this type of thing in the past, but not any more.


Lemaigre says she’s witnessed the healings of people born lame, deaf or blind.


She says many of them are La Loche residents known by everyone.


Lemaigre also says there appears to have been some breakthroughs made in the area of addictions, and notes the local bars don’t seem to be getting as much business as they used to receive.


Lemaigre says the evening tent meetings are packed, and include several visitors from other communities on the West Side and in the Far North.