Little Red Resident Gets 11 Years For Manslaughter

Thursday, June 07, 2007 at 15:20



A sentence has been handed down to the man from the Little Red River reserve convicted of killing another man from the community nearly two years ago.


Justice Ron Mills has sentenced Henry James Bird to 11 years behind bars.


The sentence was handed down this morning at Court of Queen’s Bench in Prince Albert.


The judge says he took into account the fact Bird sought forgiveness from the mother of the victim, Clayton Ballantyne.


Mills also noted that Bird didn’t try to stall or delay the trial through legal tactics.


Bird received 11 years for the manslaughter conviction, three years for aggravated assault and one year for breaking and entering and common assault.


However, the judge ordered that the sentences be run concurrently — meaning Bird will serve no more than 11 years in prison.


When asked in court if he had anything to say, Bird began to cry and said he was sorry for what happened.


Ballantyne’s family was present for today’s sentencing, but left without saying anything to reporters.


The Crown prosecutor says it’s doubtful she will appeal Bird’s sentence.


Cynthia Alexander says she’s satisfied both judge and jury weighed the evidence correctly throughout the case, and all steps were properly taken.