Light in Sky Puzzles La Ronge Residents

Monday, March 22, 2004 at 14:28



The blazing fireball that was seen across central Saskatchewan and Manitoba last night was apparently seen by some people as far north as La Ronge.


La Ronge resident Kevin Roberts says he and an acquaintance witnessed a flash across the sky from a home on Far Reserve at around 8:30 last night — the same time that countless others in both provinces are saying they saw a fireball light up the sky.


Roberts says what he saw looked more like a flash of lightning, which — given the time of year — is why it caught his attention.


Roberts says the flash was multi-coloured and admits he initially thought it was a transformer that blew at a local power plant, but that wasn’t the case.


He says he didn’t think too much of it until he heard reports this morning that people further south saw something bright in the sky at the same time he did.


There are also reports that search and rescue personnel in La Ronge also saw the unusual flash of light.


Authorities say the fireball was likely a large meteorite.