Liberals Expecting Defeat in Churchill River?

Tuesday, October 14, 2003 at 12:50



The Canadian Alliance candidate for Northern Saskatchewan’s Churchill River riding believes the Liberals have all but conceded they’ll lose that seat in the next federal election.


Jeremy Harrison feels Liberal cabinet minister Ralph Goodale had Rick Laliberte’s riding in mind when he admitted over the weekend that the same sex marriage issue could cost the Liberals seats in parts of the West.


Harrison says most Churchill River residents are strongly opposed to the idea of same sex marriage, and feels they will punish the Liberals by not re-electing Laliberte.


For the record, Laliberte promises he will vote against same sex marriage if it comes down to a vote in the House of Commons.


However, Harrison says Churchill River residents should keep in mind that Laliberte voted in favour of same sex marriage in a Commons vote in 1999.