Leader Of Aboriginal NDP Endorsing Meili

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 14:30



NDP leadership candidate Ryan Meili has been endorsed by a prominent First Nations New Democrat.


Angie Merasty has thrown her support behind Meili, a doctor in Saskatoon who has also worked in the province’s north.


Merasty says that’s part of the reason she supports Meili.


She says he understands very well the issues facing Aboriginal people in urban centresm because he’s worked in Saskatoon’s inner city.


Merasty says he also shows a willingness to learn from and work with Aboriginal people.


Merasty is president of the Aboriginal wing of the NDP — but is endoring Meili as an individual, since the organization cannot endorse anyone.


She says her group is willing to work with whoever wins the leadership race, and hopes that will be reciprocated.


Former Labour and Environment Minister David Forbes has also endorsed Meili.