Lawyer For Alleged Arsonist Wants Bail

Thursday, July 02, 2009 at 16:41



The lawyer representing Blake Norman says he wants his client released on bail.


Ron Piche is a private lawyer, hired to represent the 19-year-old La Ronge youth.


Norman is accused of setting a fire that killed three people, including an infant, and left approximately 90 other tenants of Lakeview Apartments temporarily homeless.


Piche says he has prepared a plan that he hopes will convince Judge Wilf Tucker of the La Ronge Provincial Court that it is safe to release his client from custody:


“We addressed the fact that we don’t think there’s a reasonable likelihood of any re-offending going on, and I just essentially invited the judge not to be swayed, as I know he won’t, by perhaps any adverse opinion out there on this,” says Piche.


After hearing evidence from both the Crown and defense this afternoon, Tucker reserved his decision to tomorrow at 9 a.m.