Lariviere Inquest Wraps Up

Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 13:33



Recommendations have been released after the inquest into the death of a Pinehouse man wrapped up Wednesday.


40 year-old Victor Lariviere died in a Saskatoon hospital on January 2nd of 2007.


He had been picked up shortly before that time by the RCMP after receiving complaints of an incident in a home.


Lariviere was taken to the local clinic before he went into cells.


He was released after that but picked up again.


He eventually was taken to Saskatoon where his condition deteriorated and he was pronounced dead.


Jurors presiding over the inquest have suggested the following steps to prevent similar tragedies in the future.


They include:


– that guards and RCMP officers document any medical observations or complaints of the prisoners.


– That the RCMP, northern health officials and local clinics should meet and establish the exact detailed protocol about the best way to document observations and complaints, and how those documents should be communicated between parties.


– that a guide be developed for when RCMP should call a health professional.


– that air ambulances not stop in La Ronge when transporting patients but fly to Saskatoon directly.


– and finally that northern health and air ambulances develop a priority system that differentiates serious medical conditions from less serious conditions.


The recommendations are being sent to the RCMP, minister of health and various health authorities.


The official cause of Lariviere’s death has been listed as a right middle cerebral artery territory infaret (stroke), by what means is undetermined.