Lariviere Family comments on investigation

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 14:29



More light is being shed on the chain of events that led to the death of a Canoe Lake band member the weekend of January 10th.


The RCMP held a news conference yesterday where

they outlined their version of what happened to Kyle Lariviere.


Inspector Randy McGinnis, the commanding officer for

the region, says the 19 year-old was picked up around 4

in the morning at a residence in Canoe Lake on a charge

of intoxication.


He was standing outside with his father and got into the vehicle peacefully.


He then was driven to the Canoe Lake detachment but a guard wasn’t available so the officer took him to Beauval instead.


He was apparently spitting in the back of the truck so the officer rolled down the window and told him to do it outside.


The officer stopped and went into the detachment to unlock the bay-door and that’s when Lariviere, who was not handcuffed, reached out the window and opened the door.


McGinnis says surveillance tapes show Lariviere then

fled the vehicle on foot.


The officer searched for an hour and a half but couldn’t locate the teenager.


McGinnis says at this time they don’t believe Lariviere went to anyone’s house or attempted to hitchhike.


McGinnis can’t say why the member waited until 7 p.m. to tell the family their son was missing.


However he does say that according to RCMP policy he should have been notified.


He says it was after the family was contacted that the search for Kyle was expanded to include members of the community.


An inquest has been ordered and McGinnis says more

answers will be coming.


McGinnis says the coroner found no signs of trauma or

foul play and the death is attributed to hypothermia.


Meantime Kyle’s father says a recent meeting between himself and the RCMP has helped answer some questions.


However Eval Lariviere says the family will always wonder why things ended up the way they did.


He says he respects the RCMP deeply as many of his family members, including his son, are in the force.


He can’t comment too much as the investigation is still going on.


But says the mounties have been considerate throughout the investigation so far.


Lariviere says RCMP members who are transferred to northern communities must also remember to make themselves active in the community they serve.


He also says he is grateful to the people of Beauval and Canoe Lake for all their support.


Lariviere says he went to work Tuesday morning for the first time since the tragedy.