Landless Band Feels Ignored By Ottawa

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 12:00



The chief of the John Cochrane First Nation says he’s unhappy his band hasn’t been given any funding to help map out its traditional territory.


John Dorion says Ottawa is ignoring its duty to consult with his people who were signatories to treaty.


He worries this means his band will be left out when developments occur in their traditional territory.


For years now, efforts have been underway to have the band recognized by the federal government.


In recent years, both the Pas Mountain band in Manitoba and the Ocean Man First Nation in southern Saskatchewan has won their bids for reinstatement.


Dorion says he’s hopeful his people will enjoy that same success.


He notes that senators from the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations supported their bid at a recent assembly, passing a resultion supporting the John Cochrane band as a member of the FSIN.


Dorion says Canadian senator Lillian Dyck has also indicated she’s willing to help them plead their case to the federal government.