Land Use Planning Delays Concern Sierra Club

Thursday, May 05, 2005 at 16:26



The Sierra Club of Canada is expressing concern about how the land use planning process is faring in Saskatchewan, particularly in the North.


Spokeswoman Rachel Plotkin says progress on both the Athabasca and North Central Land Use Plans has been stalled because of what she says is the province’s commitment to industry.


Plotkin says the information comes from a recently-completed database which is monitoring progress by governments in meeting commitments made under the National Forest Strategy.


Plotkin says the Athabasca Land Use Planning Process has been stalled for 20 months.


She says the plan is being held up by government and the mineral industry, who are demanding changes beyond what was originally agreed to at the planning table.


She also says the Sierra Club has concerns with how the government selects areas that are being considered for protected status.


Plotkin says there is a sense amongst researchers that only areas that have relatively little mineral potential are considered for the province’s Representative Areas Network.


On the plus side, Plotkin says Saskatchewan is at the top of the heap nationwide in terms of allocating forest land to Aboriginal groups.