Land Claim Ruling Still Under Federal Review

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 at 15:13



The chief of the Peter Chapman First Nation says she hopes a visit to Ottawa next month will jumpstart a major land claim by her band.


In April of this year, the Indian Claims Commission announced that four bands — including Peter Chapman — were owed land by the federal government.


It sent a letter stating that position to Indian Affairs in Ottawa — but according to INAC spokesman Trevor Sutter, the matter is still under review.


Meanwhile, Peter Chapman chief Phyllis Head says she and four other leaders will meet with INAC officials next month in Ottawa.


Head says her band has been writing letters to the federal government on a consistent basis about her band’s need to reclaim the land and status it lost decades ago.


Officials with INAC have said they are not bound by the recommendations of the claims commission, but insisted they do take them seriously.