Lampard Says Metis Election Not Fair

Monday, November 01, 2004 at 15:14



An independent report prepared for the provincial government has concluded that this year’s Metis Nation – Saskatchewan election was not run in a fair and democratic manner.


Former provincial chief electoral officer Keith Lampard also says the results of the May vote cannot be relied upon by the Metis people or the provincial government.


Lampard says his review of the MNS election shows ballot boxes were misdirected, electoral lists were improperly prepared, the control of ballots was lax, the ballots cast were not counted accurately and many voters were disenfranchised.


Lampard is recommending that the MNS combine a central Metis registry and the electoral office into one independent office with one politically neutral officer acting as both registrar and chief electoral officer.


As a result of Lampard’s findings, First Nations and Metis Relations Minister Maynard Sonntag says the government will continue to suspend funding to the MNS.


As well, members of the MNS Executive and the Provincial Metis Council will not be recognized in any official capacity by government officials.


However, Sonntag says the provincial government has no authority to order a new election.


MNS president Dwayne Roth has said that his organization will not recognize Lampard’s findings.