Laliberte Uncertain About Political Future

Thursday, March 25, 2004 at 15:41



It appears the Churchill River Liberal nomination meeting will be held on April 24th, but it’s still anyone’s guess as to how many candidates will be running.


Former PAGC director Al Ducharme has already confirmed he will be in the race, and there are rumours another challenger to Rick Laliberte will emerge in the next couple of weeks.


In the meantime, Laliberte says he still hasn’t decided what he will do.


He says he remains committed to his vision for a federal mid-Canada policy and a form of territorial governance in Northern Saskatchwan.


However, Laliberte says it will be tough to run if he knows his constituents and his Liberal colleagues don’t support those ideas.


Either way, Laliberte wants his contituents to voice their feelings on his ideas.


Laliberte says he will talk with Prime Minister Paul Martin before deciding whether to run for the nomination.


Laliberte, of course, made headlines a few months ago over the travel claims he racked up last year, but says that issue won’t play a role in his decision.