Laliberte Resurfaces With Overtime Hours Complaint

Friday, October 21, 2005 at 16:14



A former Member of Parliament in northern Saskatchewan has a gripe with the provincial government about a region-specific labour law he says he was assured would be addressed.


Rick Laliberte is now employed as a carpenter at the Cigar Lake uranium operation, and as such, doesn’t qualify for overtime pay.


The law in question exempts employers from paying overtime to workers earning an hourly wage outside of La Ronge, Creighton and Uranium City.


Laliberte says he raised this issue three years ago when he was an MP, and maintains he was told by provincial officials the law would be changed.


Laliberte also notes this is the only region in the country where this situation exists.


Laliberte says a petition is starting at Cigar Lake and will soon be circulating around northern communities and work sites.