Laliberte Not Prepared to Unveil Travel Specifics

Thursday, November 27, 2003 at 14:19



Churchill River MP Rick Laliberte says none of his constituents have ever questioned him about his spending, and that’s why he won’t be releasing specifics about his travel tab to the Canadian Alliance.


The Alliance candidate for Churchill River, Jeremy Harrison, is repeating his request for a breakdown of Laliberte’s travel claims last year, which were the highest of all MPs.


Harrison has also revealed statistics that show Laliberte skipped almost 80 per cent of meetings involving committees he is on last year.


Harrison wants to know where the travel money went if Laliberte missed all that committee work in Ottawa.


But Laliberte says the Opposition is the only group that’s making that request, and unless he gets a flood of complaints from his constituents, he won’t be giving in to Harrison’s demands.


Laliberte says even if he did release details about his travel spending, it wouldn’t quiet the Alliance no matter what was revealed.


Harrison has asked the Auditor General of Canada to investigate Laliberte’s spending.