Laliberte Critic Calls for Auditor General Probe

Wednesday, November 19, 2003 at 15:27



The Auditor General of Canada is being asked to investigate travel expenses racked up by Churchill River MP Rick Laliberte.


The written request comes from the Canadian Alliance candidate for Laliberte’s riding, Jeremy Harrison.


Harrison says he’s extremely disappointed that Laliberte won’t disclose details on the 310-thousand dollars he accumulated in travel claims this past year, which was the highest total of any MP in Canada.


Harrison believes a case could be made for the Auditor General to look into this, especially if you compare Laliberte’s travel expense with those of MPs in other remote ridings.


Harrison also says he’s surprised that Laliberte won’t take the opportunity to clear the air on questions about his travel spending.


Laliberte says it’s not a priority for him to reveal the specifics of his spending to the Canadian Alliance, and maintains the high travel bill is a result of poor travel connections between Ottawa and his home in Beauval.


Harrison wants the auditor general to find out if there was any improper use of taxpayer dollars.