La Ronge RCMP Issue Scam Warning

Tuesday, April 06, 2004 at 12:50



The La Ronge RCMP is warning residents of a scam called the El Gordo Spanish Sweepstakes.


Several people in La Ronge have received letters in the mail notifying them that they’ve been approved for a lump sum payout of over 600 thousand dollars, with the condition they contact someone in Spain and forward their banking information to them.


RCMP Staff Sergeant Kirk Munrow is asking residents to get in touch with the detatchment if they receive one of these letters. Munrow says the RCMP is still trying to get a handle on the scope of this scam.


Munrow warns people to be wary any time someone asks for confidential information like credit card or bank account numbers.


If you have received one of these letters, the La Ronge RCMP asks you to contact them at 425-6730.