La Ronge Man Says Treatment Plant In Park Illegal

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at 12:10



Construction has begun on an expansion of the Town of La Ronge’s water treatment plant, and that’s rekindled a local man’s anger over the facility’s location.


And this time, Joe Neumann says he’s got proof that having the water treatment plant in a downtown lakefront park is illegal.


Neumann has uncovered a “restrictive covenant”, signed by the deputy minister of Parks and Renewable Resources back in 1984, that says that “Parcel B” — now known as Patterson Park — “shall never be used for any purpose other than for public recreation.”


Neumann says that while the Town now holds title to the land, the Crown’s restrictions on its use have never been lifted.


He says that puts the Town of La Ronge in a tough situation.


“They went ahead and did it anyway (despite opposition), and unfortunately, that was a mistake. Now I’m afraid that it will cost even more money to relocate those buildings, because they are not legally allowed in Patterson Park,” Neumann says.


Neumann says he is planning a protest at the park this afternoon, and will consider seeking a legal injunction that could force the Town to move the plant.


However, he wants to give government officials a chance to respond first.


A public meeting is set for Sept. 1 at the La Ronge Hotel and Suites, right across the street from Patterson Park.


Town officials were not immediately available for comment.