La Ronge-Bound Plane Forced To Make Rough Landing

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 14:31



Two men travelling in a small plane from the Cumberland House area to La Ronge Sunday night survived a major scare.


The DeHavilland Beaver was travelling at an altitude of 4000 ft., when it began to experience engine trouble.


Transportation Safety Board spokesman Peter Hildebrandt says the pilot was able to land the aircraft in a wooded, marshy area about 95 miles southeast of La Ronge.


Hildebrandt says the plane was damaged, but the occupants were not injured.


He says it appears the pilot had plenty of time to prepare for a rough landing because of its high altitude when the trouble began.


The two men were rescued by helicopter after calling for help on a satellite phone.


Hildebrandt says the plane was making a trip to La Ronge from a private fuel cache.