La Ronge Bottle Ban Now In Effect

Thursday, September 01, 2005 at 14:30



The disputed La Ronge beer bottle ban went into effect today, against the protests of several local businesses.


Several members of the La Ronge and District Chamber of Commerce have been trying to have the ban on the sale of beer in glass bottles eliminated, or at best, modified.


Kosta’s Restaurant owner, Dick Reid says the sub-committee under the Chamber will lobby provincial politicians and take the issue into the courts if need be.


The ban halts the sale of beer in glass bottles not only in local off sale and liquor stores, but also in licensed restaurants and lounges as well. The resolution allows few exceptions for alcohol served in glass bottles, such as coolers or wine.


Although the beer bottle ban went into effect as of midnight, businesses are allowed to sell remaining stock but cannot buy or replenish beer bottles once the stock has sold out.