La Ronge Band Members to be Asked About Rebate

Monday, July 12, 2004 at 13:06



The Lac La Ronge Indian Band has begun the process of surveying its band members about how to split its 4-million-dollar tax settlement with the province.


Last week, the band’s council voted to give a 5 per cent share to band retailers and split the rest of the money on a per capita basis between the band’s six communities and its off-reserve membership..


Each band community still has to decide what it will do with its share.


In La Ronge, the band has decided to distribute a short questionnaire to on- and off-reserve members to help guide its decision-making.


Band spokesman Kevin Roberts says one of the questions being asked is whether the money should be divided amongst all band members, or just the ones that are aged 16 and over.


Roberts says the question was included in the survey because band lawyers aren’t sure if members under the age of 16 should qualify for a gas and tobacco tax rebate.


The questionnaire also asks band members in La Ronge if each band member should receive the same amount and if some of the money should be set aside for community development.


A 3-day door-to-door survey campaign begins today.


Roberts admits the person doing the survey might not be able to hit all the homes in the area.


Off-reserve members in La Ronge or Air Ronge can get a copy of the survey at the band office.