La Loche Students Clean Up At FSIN Science Fair

Friday, March 20, 2009 at 13:08



Focusing on locally-relevant issues worked well for students from the Clearwater River Dene Nation school at the recent FSIN science fair.


Out of the 11 students who took part in the event, 10 finished in the top three in their respective categories — with projects ranging from the effects of acid rain on the northern environment to the effect of oil spills on moose hair.


Teacher Krista Pike says that the students really stuck to issues that affect their communities, such as the oilsands.


She adds that it was also a great opportunity for the students to re-connect with their past, by getting the local elders’ point of view on their projects.


Pike says that students are already starting to get excited about next year’s science fair, and she only expects interest to grow over time.