La Loche Metis Leader Pleased with Lampard Report

Monday, November 08, 2004 at 13:37



An ousted, former Metis Nation – Saskatchewan area director in La Loche says his community has been vindicated by last week’s Lampard report.


Leonard Montgrand was initially declared the winner of the election for area director in Northern Region II — but that result was overturned after the Metis election appeal hearings, and Montgrand was replaced by rival Philip Chartier.


Chartier was deemed the winner after the Metis Election Commission threw out the ballot box in La Loche because of alleged election irregularities.


However, the Lampard report concludes that there was no justification for the ballots cast in La Loche to be disregarded.


Montgrand says the MEC’s ruling cast a bad light on his community, and he’s glad Keith Lampard investigated the situation.


Montgrand notes he’s yet to receive official notice that he’s no longer recognized as the area director of the region, but isn’t sure if he wants the job anymore.