La Loche Mayor Not Keen On Nuclear Facility Idea

Friday, May 09, 2008 at 13:24



The mayor of La Loche says she had no idea her community was even being considered as a potential site for a nuclear reactor.


Georgina Jolibois also says even if she had been consulted on the matter, she still wouldn’t support it.


A 2007 SaskPower report was leaked to the media earlier this week.


It touted Diefenbaker Lake as the preferred site for a nuclear power plant, but studied La Loche as well.


Jolibois says it isn’t even something she wants to discuss, because she feels it’s too controversial an issue.


She says she was surprised to see La Loche mentioned as a potential site, because no one had said anything to her.


Jolibois says too many things — such as people, wildlife, and the environment — could be affected by the power plant, and that’s why she won’t support it.