La Loche Mayor Not Concerned with Doctor Turnover

Thursday, December 09, 2004 at 13:34



The mayor of La Loche has given her stamp of approval to the Keewatin Yatthe health region’s recent moves regarding doctors in the village.


This past Tuesday, the contracts of four doctors making up the local clinic’s staff expired.


One of them was rehired while another was recruited out of Saskatoon. Both are now working under a different system.


The health region has described the situation as being better for staff and patients, while the Saskatchewan Medical Association has described it as being entirely illogical.


However, Jolibois says she has faith in the local regional health authority.


Jolibois says she will be monitoring the situation in the weeks to come as the region searches for two more doctors to bring it up to previous staffing levels.


She also says the doctors who are being hired will have to make significant efforts to become acquainted with local Dene customs and etiquette.