Kennedy Removed From MNS Portfolio

Monday, November 07, 2005 at 13:19



MNS president Dwayne Roth confirms provincial secretary Ralph Kennedy is on a leave of absence from the MNS executive.


Kennedy has been charged with forgery in connection with last year’s Metis election, and is one of nine people facing charges in the affair.


Roth says, as per MNS policy, Kennedy was asked to temporarily step down.


Roth is indicating the MNS isn’t in a hurry to find a temporary replacement for Kennedy, and might assign Kennedy’s duties to MNS treasurer Ray Laliberte.


Kennedy’s next court appearance is scheduled for November 16th in North Battleford.


Kennedy isn’t the only MNS official that’s been asked to step down in recent months. MNS area director Henry Cummings was also told to take a leave upon word that he had been charged in the MNS election scandal, as well.