Kelowna Accord Missing From Federal Budget

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 at 15:38



There’s no mention in today’s federal budget of the $5.1 billion Kelowna Accord that Aboriginal groups negotiated with the Liberals.


The Tories’ first budget includes an extra $450 million over two years for to improve education outcomes, socio-economic conditions and water supply and housing on-reserve.


The government also committed up to $300 million

to address immediate pressures in off-reserve Aboriginal housing.


Those funds will be allocated to the provinces.


There is also a $2.2 billion commitment to address the legacy of residential schools.


As well, the Conservative government says it will consult with Aboriginals, and provinincial and territorial governments, to develop a new approach to meet the targets negotiated under the Liberals.


Already, a number of First Nations leaders say this budget is a far cry from what was committed by the First Ministers in November.