Keep Alert For Swine Flu Symptoms: Nsungu

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 12:15



A northern doctor is reminding residents to stay vigilant against the H1N1 virus.


Dr. Mandiangu Nsungu of the Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority says the so-called swine flu isn’t confined to just one area of the province.


Special efforts are being made to contain the spread of the bug in Sandy Bay, where two people were diagnosed last week.


But Nsungu reminds residents the flu can be spread up to 24 hours before the first symptoms appear, meaning people could be spreading it even if they feel fine, especially since people move around and there’s no way to control that.


At last word, five cases of H1N1 had been confirmed in the North, with several more other flu cases also suspected of being H1N1.