Karwacki’s Take On Native Gaming Riles FSIN

Friday, May 11, 2007 at 15:23



The leader of Saskatchewan’s Liberal Party says an independent regulator must gain oversight over the province’s gaming revenue.


David Karwacki says the agreement between the government and First Nations does not allow for the scrutiny that taxpayers deserve.


At the same time, Karwacki says he supports having gaming money spent to alleviate poverty on First Nations reserves.


But he worries that neither the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority nor Indigenous Gaming Regulators are far enough away from their masters to be impartial stewards.


Karwacki adds gaming revenue tends to be a sacred cow in the province because of the huge volumes of cash that are involved.


Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations vice-chief Morley Watson says Karwacki should address First Nations gaming issues directly with the FSIN.


Watson says it’s a sad day when politicians prey on those who are living in Third World conditions just to make political points leading up to an election.