Karwacki Promises Jobs and Housing to North

Tuesday, November 04, 2003 at 15:17



The province’s Liberal leader is hoping what his party is promising for low-income families will appeal to voters in Northern Saskatchewan.


David Karwacki has not able to make it up to the North during the 28-day election campaign, but is optimistic that many northern residents will vote Liberal tomorrow.


He says low-income earners and those on social assistance in the North would benefit greatly from a provincial Liberal government that he says would emphasize job creation, education funding and new, affordable housing.


Karwacki is also enthused about what a Liberal government could do for developing the small business potential in Northern Saskatchewan.


Karwacki says the Crown corporations would play a big part in a Liberal government’s efforts to spur business growth in Aboriginal communities.


Karwacki hopes the North’s support for the federal Liberals translates into votes for the provincial Liberals, and says a provincial Liberal government would have more of an “in” with the federal government than either the NDP or Saskatchewan Party.