Karwacki Calls For More Native Education Funding

Friday, November 04, 2005 at 15:46



Saskatchewan’s Liberal leader is calling on the federal government to loosen the purse strings when it comes to assisting First Nations people headed to university.


David Karwacki says Ottawa shouldn’t limit how much money bands can receive when it comes to sending band members off to post-secondary schools.


He says current funding caps should be lifted, and the government should also be able to find out how the kids are doing academically to make sure the increased funds are having the desired effect.


Karwacki adds there is too much at risk to even consider turning back any First Nations teenager thinking of expanding his or her education.


Meanwhile, a spokesman for Indian Affairs says the department is giving out as much money as it can.


James Parker says over $47 million went to help Saskatchewan bands finance young people at school this year.