Jury Views Tape Of Murder Suspect’s Confession

Monday, January 12, 2009 at 15:25



The man charged with killing Victoria Nashacappo has confessed to killing an Aboriginal girl by her first name.


59-year-old Brian Casement is on trial in Saskatoon for the first-degree murder of Nashacappo, who was 21 when she disappeared more than six years ago.


Her body was found nearly four years later in 2006.


Casement was the subject of an elaborate undercover investigation in British Columbia that saw RCMP officers befriend and convince him they were part of a criminal gang.


Today, the jury at the trial saw a videotaped conversation between Casement and whom he believed was the gang’s boss.


In the tape, Casement confesses first to killing a man in BC, and then says he also killed a young Native girl in Saskatoon.


Casement says he picked up a hooker he thought was around 17 or 18, that she wouldn’t fulfill what he calls “the contract”, so he raped and then strangled her.


He says he dumped her naked body with her clothes and backpack in the basement of a demolished house south of Saskatoon . . . which is where he eventually allegedly led police.


The trial continues this afternoon with more video and audio evidence.