Jury To Begin Deciding Naistus Case On Monday

Thursday, September 27, 2007 at 15:00



Testimony has wrapped up at the murder trial of Gordon Dwight Hurley.


Jury deliberations are scheduled for Monday.


The Alberta man is accused of killing Onion Lake band member Jarita Naistus in a Lloydminster hotel room in October 2005.


The defence called suprise witness Arlene Shaw to the stand yesterday.


Shaw testified to seeing a woman, who she identified as Naistus, in another hotel room after the bar closed.


Shaw also told court that she saw Naistus leave with two different men.


The Crown argued that Shaw, who never met Naistus, was merely identifying a woman that resembled her.


Earlier in the day, Hurley was called to the stand and testified he was in the hotel room with Naistus at one point that night.


He also told court that she kissed him, but maintained that was all that happened between them.


Hurley said he was feeling ill because of the drinking he had been doing, and left the room after he used the washroom.


He also insisted Naistus was still “alive and well” when he left.


The judge will make his final charge to the jury in Battleford Court of Queen’s Bench on Monday morning.