Judge Rules La Loche Doctors’ Lawsuit Will Proceed

Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 14:23



A judge has quashed an attempt by the Saskatchewan government to dismiss a lawsuit filed against it by two former doctors in La Loche.


The decision was rendered earlier this week in Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon.


The lawsuit was originally filed against the government in September of last year by Andrew Judd and Teja Rossmeisl.


The two doctors were fired from their positions at the La Loche health clinic in 2004.


They claim the incident happened without cause, and are suing the government for allowing the dismissal to take place.


Government spokeswoman Jocelyn Argue says the province is not happy with the ruling, and will be appealing it.


Meanwhile, the court has yet to decide whether a similar lawsuit against the Keewatin Yatthe Regional Health Authority will be thrown out.


A lawyer for the health region says they still have to hold a mediation session with the doctors before the judge makes a decision.