Joseph Commends Sabo for Firing Officers

Monday, November 15, 2004 at 13:59



The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations is welcoming the dismissal of two Saskatoon police officers implicated in the freezing death of Neil Stonechild.


Vice chief Lawrence Joseph says the firing of Bradley Senger and Larry Hartwig was “the right thing to do”.


Joseph also commends Saskatoon Police Chief Russell Sabo for making “what must have been an extremely difficult decision” to let the officers go.


Joseph says Sabo’s decision is a “launching-off point” to re-building the trust between the police and Aboriginal people re-gaining the public confidence in the police service.


Joseph says he understands the officers’ right to a hearing and appeals process, but is dismayed at the prospect of a long and drawn-out process that “prevents healing”.


The Saskatoon Police Association has already indicated that it will appeal the officers’ dismissal.