Jimmy D. Fires Back At Detractors

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 15:14



A long-time Liberal member is responding to recent criticism directed at himself and a would-be candidate.


Jimmy Durocher says he’s not surprised John Dorion and another person blame him for the party’s recent by-election loss in Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River.


Yesterday, Dorion and Gordon Dumont published open letters in which they called for the party to review the status of Durocher and David Orchard.


The two contend the party lost the riding due to Orchard’s reluctance to support Joan Beatty, as well as Durocher’s widespread criticism.


They also point out that Conservative MP Rob Clarke publicly thanked Durocher for the by-election victory.


Durocher says he has been a Liberal member all his life, and that’s why he wouldn’t stay silent over Stephane Dion’s decision to appoint Beatty.


Durocher says he doesn’t mind if certain people want his status within the party to be reviewed.


He also says Dorion can interpret Clarke’s words however he wants — but adds he’s glad the justice system doesn’t rely on Dorion’s interpretation of things.


Durocher says he feels Dorion is trying to steer the issue of the appointment into something else.