Jacobs Disenchanted With Summit Of Americas

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 13:47



The president of the Native Women’s Assocation of Canada has been left frustrated by her experience this past weekend at the Summit of Americas.


Beverley Jacobs was part of an eight-person delegation of Indigenous leaders and technicians who travelled to the summit.


They were planning to present a declaration and action plan they had developed at the Indigenous Leaders Summit of Americas.


However, Jacobs says when they got there, they weren’t able to make a presentation to the presidents and prime ministers of participating countries. Nor were they able to participate as observers.


Jacobs doesn’t feel Indigenous leaders are taken seriously by the various heads of state.


This was the third time Indigenous leaders have been at the summit.


The first year, they were able to make a presentation to the leaders, and the second year, they were able to participate as observers.


Jacobs notes they did have 30 minutes to deliver a presentation and speak with foreign affairs ministers of the countries participating.


She adds the leaders lobbied prior to the summit to be allowed to participate, and says they will do so again in advance of the next one.